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World of Warcraft's New Expansion Set Introduces a New Continent

The World of Warcraft released the fourth expansion recently. The set introduces a new lost continent called Pandaria. It is a new place with lots of new things to offer including the new class Monk and the new race Pandaren that starts as a neutral race.

The Pandaria used to be unaffected by the chaos going on and the war that is closer than ever. It is occupied by the Pandaren. They celebrate life to the fullest.

Challenge modes

The Mists of Pandaria offers challenge modes where a group of players could go to a dungeon and kill the boss. In this mode, you don't only fight the boss but you fight the boss in a limited time. It will definitely give your group a challenge.

Expect more yelling and fingers being faster going across the keyboard.

Being successful, your group can earn rewards such as medal - bronze, silver or gold. Keep in mind that the reward as bigger when you finish the dungeon faster. It is important that the players communicate with each other and support one another.

Teamwork and communication is very important in this mode of World of Warcraft.

Note that the challenge mode requires you to fight using a specific set of items and your individual gears will be normalized. Thus, the abilities or tools that are available only on higher levels do not matter in this mode.

Pet battles

The Mists of Pandaria also allows you to have your pet fight another player's pet. The World of Warcraft players who have made it a habit of capturing as many pets as possible in the past will have a great time with the new pet battle system.

To succeed, it is important for you to train your pets. You can get help from the pet trainer NPCs for new tricks that your pets could learn. Take note that these trainers may also challenge you to see if you are worthy to have your pets trained.


Level 1 to 10 is set in the Wandering Isle meanders. The elders need help in figuring out why there is a sudden change on the weather. The Jade Forest and the Temple of the Jade Serpent are the setting for level 85 and 86. To survive, you will need to find natives that you could turn into allies. Other places to expect on the next levels are the Valley of the Four Winds, Krasarang Wilds, Kun Lai Summit, Townlong Steppes, and the Vale of Eternal Bossoms.

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