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Computer Games and Hollywood Movies

It is amazing how much computer games influence our society. It's often said that art mimics life. This is true in many regards, but sometimes life mimics art. Consider many of the science fiction type movies that have a common theme, and a common foundation of the computer game phenomena. Computer games have obviously only been around since such electronic devices have been available. It's still a rather new industry, and just think, 30 years ago people didn't have personal computers, therefore they didn't play games on those computers. See my point?

The other day, I went to see the movie "Battleship" and the movie had some great special effects, and some of the futuristic technology war game computational radar screens, which looked very much like the electronic version of the family game "Battleship" and so you see computer games in Hollywood movies also have quite a bit in common along the lines of their foundation. Screenplay writers often weave into their storyline such gaming technologies, albeit taken to the next level. It is my contention that we should expect this trend to continue are off into the future, if not motivate humans to create that future.

Some say that computer games are a conspiracy theory to get young kids interested in fighting wars electronically, controlling mechanical weapons and combat equipment far away. It stands to reason that in the future these skills will be needed, and those kids that played video games all of their lives will most likely be the ones at the controls of our future fighter planes, stealth bombers, and unmanned ground vehicles. Today your kids might be playing the video game, tomorrow they might be working for the Department of Defense defending this great nation.

Without getting into the heart of that debate over the morality of such issues, you can see that the Hollywood script writers do indeed believe that this will be our potential eventuality in the future, and they are duly writing those scenarios into the movies we are watching today. We all know that the science fiction of today will become the science fact of tomorrow. Perhaps a lot of that is occurring in the entertainment world, as it is being introduced to our society and civilization in this way.

Now then, I would like you to stop and think for a moment how many Hollywood movies that you've seen in the last few years that have a computer gaming theme. I think when you do that, you will see exactly what I'm talking about. In fact, if you want to help jog your memory, go onto Google or Yahoo and search "Hollywood science fiction movies with computer games," and you'll be surprised how many movies pop up, and when you watch some of those trailers you will see just what I'm talking about. Please consider all this and think on it.

Lance Winslow has launched a new provocative series of eBooks on Future Concepts. Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank; http://www.worldthinktank.net

World of Warcraft Strategies

Even with the abundance of info available regarding it on the internet, it could be difficult to decide which websites to visit and what the best World of Warcraft strategies are. The game was originally introduced on November 23, 2004. It's set on a realm called Azeroth. It' sometimes regarded as a follow-up to Warcraft 3. It's the most popular adaptation of an MMORPG ever designed.

WOW strats must begin with the basics of choosing the characters to utilize in the actual game. There are 10 categories that these characters fall into, each one having a unique set of capabilities and powers. All of these would contain both strengths & weaknesses. Some of these like priests would have more influence in team settings as they have might to heal others. Others like warriors work better by themselves. It's important for a WOW player to consider what approach best suits his playing style.

WOW strategies involve selecting the types of professions which are largely adaptable to the character category. 2 professions could be selected, a primary & a secondary. Primary professions involve elemental tasks like gathering items through work like mining and making objects by crafts such as tailoring and woodworking. Secondary professions would be more concerned with survival skills like cooking and fishing.

An important concept of World of Warcraft strategies is to make certain there's no conflict between professions chosen & categories the characters fall into. Blacksmithing will not be a good professional for a hunter because they're restricted to merely wearing leather & have no need to the said skills. A warrior on the other hand will have use for such talent as they fight with several weapons created from iron. As could be seen, there are several particular rules that apply to every type of profession and character. Knowing how to utilize such to advantage is essential to forming effective techniques for game play.

As soon as one develops his World of Warcraft strategies to aid him advance and succeed, he would be able to utilize them all the way up to level eighty-five. There are several guides available. A number of them are offered at no cost while others require a fee. The basics only take some minutes to learn. Then again, there are so many things to read that it could be difficult to remember each and every one of them & how to use them all. Just keep these simple tips in mind and you will surely have an easier time getting better.

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Here Are Some World of Warcraft Tips

It is crucial to have a World of Warcraft strategy that will best fit your style of gaming and preferences. There is no need for you to schedule or plan ahead each single gaming session but a smart action plan to level up and enhance your character can help you enjoy your game more. You can swiftly boost your gold stores, player versus player success abilities and perform well in raids by following some techniques for every game aspect.

Quick leveling tips

The first tactic you would probably wish to find out is all about leveling up. Having a character that is fully leveled will allow you to unlock game content and zones. It is crucial to experiencing each portion of the game. Once you start playing this game, leveling must be the job that you should do most.

One of the great tips that fast levelers often suggest is to ensure you work on the starter zones one at a time. These quests are aimed at helping gamers gain levels. They are also geared towards helping gamers have some resources at their disposal. If you skip some zones, you could eventually find yourself not capable of climbing a wall soon after. Additionally, you will not learn to the fullest your selected class.

Organized player versus player

Another aspect of World of Warcraft is player versus player. While most gamers must participate for the joy of playing it, it is undeniable how frustrating it can be to lose repeatedly. Moreover, you can gain helpful items for your character by means of player versus player successes.

If you wish to have a good gaming experience, you should have a strategy that will help your character win each battleground. Your best bet here is practice. This is especially true when you are planning to run with groups. Get yourself used to working and communicating with others as a team to utilize every class to its utmost benefit. Even a small number can beat large ones with proper organization. A well-managed group is something that will work not just in World of Warcraft but also in the real world.

Gold gathering tips

What can make your game much easier is having lots of gold readily available. Learn the best strategy that can work for you if you are yearning to increase your stores of gold. Begin by mulling over if you wish to gather a material or farm a creature. You may consider mastering professions too as many of these can be lucrative.

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World of Warcraft, A Must Try for New Gamers

If you are new to the gaming scene, the first game you might hear in case that you are looking for a massive multiplayer online role-playing game is World of Warcraft. Apparently, this game comes into mind first when a gamer thinks of one of the best and famous massive multiplayer online role-playing game. This game host a good gaming system that can definitely get any player addicted to it. In addition, players of the game are after the setting of the game that is nested neatly in the Warcraft universe. If you want to know a few reasons why you might want to play this game, read on.

One of the reasons why many gamers are playing World of Warcraft is because of how challenging it is when you play it alone and when you play with other players. You can play on your own in this game, but there will be times that there will some quests and enemies that you will need to gang up just to clear the quest or defeat the enemy. In addition, one class alone will have a lot of difficulty with certain aspects of the game. Again, ganging up with other classes to obtain tactical advantages is definitely necessary.

The best reason of them all why players enjoy this game is the game's player versus player system. There are specific realms or servers where they enforce PvP (player versus player) and some realms do not. In the realms that enforces player versus player, almost anywhere in the land is a player versus player field. To make it simple, you can be attacked anytime and anywhere in this realm in contrast to the non-PvP realms where there are only specific areas where you can attack or some actions are needed before two players can fight. Moreover, in some places in the game like the Battlegrounds, players can earn tokens and points in case that they defeat their opponent.

World of Warcraft is simply one the best massive multiplayer online role-playing games out there. The reasons stated above are just few of the reasons why new players like you must play this game. Those reasons are already proven true. Those reasons are proven by the massive amounts of players that are playing the game as of now. It is not to mention that those players are all around the globe. Therefore, in case that you are looking for a great game experience, choose this game for starters.

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World of Warcraft's New Expansion Set Introduces a New Continent

The World of Warcraft released the fourth expansion recently. The set introduces a new lost continent called Pandaria. It is a new place with lots of new things to offer including the new class Monk and the new race Pandaren that starts as a neutral race.

The Pandaria used to be unaffected by the chaos going on and the war that is closer than ever. It is occupied by the Pandaren. They celebrate life to the fullest.

Challenge modes

The Mists of Pandaria offers challenge modes where a group of players could go to a dungeon and kill the boss. In this mode, you don't only fight the boss but you fight the boss in a limited time. It will definitely give your group a challenge.

Expect more yelling and fingers being faster going across the keyboard.

Being successful, your group can earn rewards such as medal - bronze, silver or gold. Keep in mind that the reward as bigger when you finish the dungeon faster. It is important that the players communicate with each other and support one another.

Teamwork and communication is very important in this mode of World of Warcraft.

Note that the challenge mode requires you to fight using a specific set of items and your individual gears will be normalized. Thus, the abilities or tools that are available only on higher levels do not matter in this mode.

Pet battles

The Mists of Pandaria also allows you to have your pet fight another player's pet. The World of Warcraft players who have made it a habit of capturing as many pets as possible in the past will have a great time with the new pet battle system.

To succeed, it is important for you to train your pets. You can get help from the pet trainer NPCs for new tricks that your pets could learn. Take note that these trainers may also challenge you to see if you are worthy to have your pets trained.


Level 1 to 10 is set in the Wandering Isle meanders. The elders need help in figuring out why there is a sudden change on the weather. The Jade Forest and the Temple of the Jade Serpent are the setting for level 85 and 86. To survive, you will need to find natives that you could turn into allies. Other places to expect on the next levels are the Valley of the Four Winds, Krasarang Wilds, Kun Lai Summit, Townlong Steppes, and the Vale of Eternal Bossoms.

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Tips for World of Warcraft Players

The World of Warcraft is definitely a successful game. It is now on the fourth expansion. It definitely knows how to entertain and challenge players. Whether you are just starting out or on the high levels, take time to read these tips.


If you want to be successful in the World of Warcraft, you may need to do some reading. When you're lost, take time to read your quest journal. Hit the L on your keyboard to have a look at it. It should have the information you need in solving your quest. It helps a lot and reading it would save you from receiving insults through the chat channel.

City guards

If there are characters that could help you in this game, it is definitely the city guards. Ask them if you need help on directions. They would not only give directions. They will also give a small flag for your mini map.


The World of Warcraft players can learn only two professions. Aside from enchanting and tailoring, all trade skills have gathering and crafting. Select the suitable skill to avoid buying the raw materials.


Keep in mind that the quests are not restricted by race. You don't have to follow quest lines based on your race. You can take any quest as long as it is appropriate for your level.


How many pets do you have? Don't put your pets in aggressive. One of the things you would not want is to have a pet that attracts monsters.

Playing solo

There is no specific best character for playing solo but if you need recommendations, choose a warlock or the night elf hunter if you want to be in the Alliance. Warlocks can easily go solo especially when they have a pet that could serve as crowd control.

Playing in a group

If you love to play in a group, one of the best character choices is the human priest. Every group loves human priests so you can easily find and get in a group. Not many players love to be the priest so you will be in great demand. Plus, priests level faster than other characters.

Auto run

It is a basic knowledge but you'll be surprised to know how many players forget to use it. It helps if you need to do long runs and other tasks at the same time such as chatting with other players or checking the quest log.

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Choosing a Class in World of Warcraft

If you are playing World of Warcraft (WoW) for the first time and you are not sure which character class to pick, then you've come to the right place. Each character class is different and they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. The class you choose depends on your play style. If you prefer close combat and wielding swords and axes, then you should choose a melee class such as the Warrior or Paladin. If you prefer fighting from a distance and killing your enemies from afar, then you should choose a ranged class such as the Hunter and Mage. This list of some of the available classes and their weaknesses will help you choose which class is best for you.



The Warrior class is able to wear Mail armor from the beginning and Plate armor at level 40. He can be a great tank class when you equip him with a shield and he has great melee abilities as well. The Warrior class is also a versatile class because he can equip almost any weapon in the game.


One of the weaknesses of the Warrior is that he depends too much on Rage during battle. He is also not the highest damage dealer in melee combat and a very equipment dependent class. He is not a broad class and limited in PVP because of the magic and range of other classes.



The Hunter has a pet that can be used as a personal tank, making him the best solo class in World of Warcraft. He also has traps that are very useful in PVP battles. The Hunter is a strong PVP class because of his high damage and range.


The Hunter cannot wear Mail armor until level 40, so he is a bit squishy early on. He has few melee abilities and can't use a shield. He also needs ammo and food for pets.


The Paladin can heal himself and others. He is a great tank class because of his durability and strength. He can summon a mount when he reaches level 40 and has the ability to resurrect others. He also has abilities that allow him to become immune to attacks.


The Paladin is not a very good damage dealer and requires you to manage auras, seals, and blessings constantly. He also requires you to focus on either healing or tanking instead of doing both at once.



The Mage is the best magic damage dealer in World of Warcraft. He has good combat control because of his Polymorph spell and can summon his own food and drink. He is a strong solo class because of his snares and high damage. He is the best Area of Effect (AoE) damage dealer and can open up portals in order to teleport to major cities.


The Mage has no healing spells and can only wear cloth. Also, most of his spells are not cast instantly, making him vulnerable when fighting many enemies at once.

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Choosing Your Class in World of Warcraft

If you need help in choosing your first character class in World of Warcraft, then you've come to the right place. Each class has its own strengths, weaknesses, and playing style. Before choosing your class, you should first think about the play style that you prefer. If you prefer fighting your enemies up close with melee weapons, then choose a melee class such as the Rogue. If you prefer casting spells and destroying your enemies from afar, then choose a ranged class such as the Shaman, Priest, Druid, and Warlock. Here you will find a list of some of the available character classes and their strengths and weaknesses.



The Rogue can open locks and he is the best damage dealer class in melee combat. He is a great dual wielder and the most fun class in World of Warcraft because of his various abilities. His stealth abilities open up more possibilities in combat.


The Rogue relies too much on daggers and depends too much on cool downs for his abilities. He is also squishy because he cannot wear armor greater than leather armor.



The Shaman can wear Mail armor when he reaches level 40 and use healing spells. He can use a shield and has the ability to resurrect himself and resurrect others. The Shaman is a good fighter/spell caster combo class.


The Shaman needs to manage his totems constantly and can't use weapons such as two-handed axes and swords. You will need to go deep in the Enhancement skills tree if you want to dual wield weapons.



The Priest is the best healing class in World of Warcraft. He can do decent damage in combat and has strong defensive spells.


The Priest is not a good class for a beginner; priests die easily because they can only wear cloth and therefore take a lot of damage.



The Druid is a good solo class and he has the ability to transform into different animals. He is a very flexible class and can root his enemies in place. He has spells for healing a group and can tank for a group if necessary. He can also travel faster with his different travel forms.


The Druid cannot wear armor heavier than leather armor and switching between animal forms during combat can be time consuming and awkward. He is a difficult class to master.



The Warlock can summon his own mount at level 40 and has various pets that aid him in combat. He also has the ability to teleport or summon group members. He is strong in PvE and PVP and has high stamina. His spells are great for crowd control during battle.


The Warlock can only equip cloth and he is not the best magic damage dealer. He is hard class to play for a beginner.

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Discover the Best Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game: World of Warcraft

If you are looking for a great massive multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG, the best game you could choose is World of Warcraft. This is the fourth installation of the game created by Blizzard Entertainment. Set in the fantasy world of the Warcraft universe, many Warcraft fanatics were instantly hooked to this game. Apparently, this game is the leading massive multiplayer online role-playing game in terms of the number of players. As of December 2011, it has a whooping number of subscribers amounting to 10.2 million accounts. In addition, this game holds the Guinness World Record for being the most famous massive multiplayer online role-playing game.

Just like any popular massive multiplayer online role-playing game, World of Warcraft will allow you play the game with a single character or avatar. You can also freely switch the camera style to first person or third person view. The things you can do in this game is to explore the Warcraft world, defeat a wide variety of monsters, finish quests, interact with non-playable characters, and talk or battle with other characters that are online. To keep on playing this game you would need to subscribe first and pay certain amount of fees to stay online in this game.

When playing this game for the first time, a player must select a realm. There are different types of realms that are available and they are separated in terms of in game experience. Some realms promote player versus player, player versus environment, role-playing, and role-playing with PvP (player versus player). However, each realm is the exact same replica of each other, and as mentioned before, the only difference is the game experience. In addition, some realms exist with different languages to support players that do not have English as their primary language. Moreover, any player can create different characters on different realms.

World of Warcraft is simply the best when it comes to massive multiplayer online role-playing game. Just being able to play inside the rich world of the Warcraft universe is too interesting to pass by. In addition, if a player wants to play in a game with many players, this game will suit his taste. Besides, there is a lot to do in this game. A player will never run out of tasks to do or things to accomplish when playing this game. If you are really looking for a good way to kill your time, you must play this game now.

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Explaining World of Warcraft Companion Professions

The idea behind companion skills in World of Warcraft is to utilize one skill or profession to set off another. Normally, this is a building profession and the subsequent gathering profession, which draws together the volume of materials for the building profession. It is absolutely not necessary to have both skills. Having them both, however, can greatly minimize your World of Warcraft character's dependence on the materials from the auction house, thus, it is recommended! Provided below is a list of optional companion skills, which by and large work together well.

Alchemy. The most excellent companion skill for Alchemy is Herbalism. Fishing is recommended too as it brings in a number of needed oils for Alchemy. Mining can be utilized at higher levels to supply materials for a few potions and transmutes.

Blacksmithing. Mining is the most suited companion skill for this production profession. Ore is usually high in demand and that is why it can be expensive to purchase at the auction house.

Cooking. Although this is a secondary profession and uses several dropped meats from game creatures, Fishing is its best companion skill. Cooking and fishing work well together even if they are both secondary skills.

Enchanting. This profession is often coupled with Tailoring. The reason for this the fact that there are no gathering skills required for Tailoring. Many green items too can be produced with Tailoring.

Engineering. Ore is in great demand when it comes Engineering, hence, Mining is the perfect companion profession. Engineering is ore demanding. It also uses gems too. Mining simply caters almost all of the materials required for Engineering.

Inscription. Herbalism is the most ideal companion skill for this profession. Normally, herbs are accumulated and made as pastes that you can later use as the foundation for inks for Inscription.

Jewelcrafting. Mining is a perfect companion skill for Jewelcrafting. This profession is stone and ore intensive. Like Engineering and Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting needs gems too.

Leatherworking. Skinning and Leatherworking are perfect companion skills. Skinning crafts all raw materials require for leatherworking. Moreover, you do not have to terminate the mobs by yourself to skin them.

Tailoring. Compared with other professions, this does not directly have associated companion profession since most raw materials can be gained by means of cloth farming from humanoids in World of Warcraft. However, there have been players who paired this profession with a collecting skill like Mining, Herbalism and Skinning. Tailors need the items provided by Skinning.

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Getting Started in World of Warcraft (WoW)

One of the most addictive games in the world today is World of Warcraft. It is also one of the most profitable games of all time. But why should anyone want to play a game that may prove to be addictive and counter productive? Well WoW is a unique MMORPG because of the way it teaches players to be team oriented. Yes, playing the game alone is possible, but in order to truly enjoy the game as well as to level-up faster it is best to hook up with other players to form a party. Kids, teenagers and adults can easily relate to this type of concept and with WoW they also get to practice it.

So how do they get started? The game starts with choosing a faction, and WoW has two factions that are vying for supremacy in Azeroth. The Horde is composed of 6 playable races namely the Blood Elves, the Forsaken, Goblins, Orcs, the Taurens and the Trolls. Meanwhile opposing the Horde is the Alliance of Night Elves, Men, Draenei, Worgen, Dwarves and Gnomes.

Choosing a race is going to be a factor in how anyone would want to play in World of Warcraft. The reason for this is that most of the races have affinities and resistances. Take for example the Night Elves, because of their affinity for magic they are best utilized as Paladins or as Druids. Knowing what you want to be in WoW is probably the most important thing to know before anyone would want to start playing the game. So upon choosing a race, the next thing to do would be to choose a class. Good starting classes would be the Druid, Priest, Paladin and Rogue. The Druid and the Priest are both support classes so provided you would be partying with a group of warriors or paladins, or for any group for that matter there support abilities would be greatly needed. It is actually a toss up between the Warrior and the Paladin but most people would prefer using the Paladin since it is very versatile. Aside from being able to deal damage with its melee attacks, Paladins can also heal party members as well as themselves which make them great tanks if they are also properly equipped with the best armor.

Indeed World of Warcraft is one of the few games which have aged gracefully, and its core gameplay mechanics have not been compromised which makes it an ideal training ground for people who want to know the real value of teamwork.

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Gold Farming, a Predominant Issue in World of Warcraft

Just like any other famous massive multiplayer online role-playing games, World of Warcraft is also a good marketplace for selling virtual goods in the real world. This is not only about players trading personally of virtual goods, this is about real companies offering players virtual goods for real money. This issue happens in the game. Companies will amass gold, obtain good in game items, and sell those in game currency and item to players for profit. Because it is getting popular in the game scene itself, a term for it was coined. It is now called 'gold farming'.

This became noticeable when Blizzard, makers of World of Warcraft, started offering free trial accounts to players. Then, many spam messages from bots became prevalent on advertising about this kind of services. To counter this, Blizzard has implemented some patches to fix this issue. They add additional spam filters and they added the report spam function. This was able to reduce the spam created by these bots. However, the free accounts are still abused. Even though there were additional restrictions to trial characters, it was not enough to stop them. This became much worse after a few years, making

Blizzard decide to use a different approach for the issue.

One of the most notable actions that Blizzard made against this issue is that they filed a complaint to one of the companies that do 'gold farming'. This filed complaint was about stopping the company to use free trial accounts to advertise their service. Which the company that received the complaint agreed to follow what was stated in the complaint.

As the game progresses, much more valuable in game items were being implemented and given to the players. Because of this, gold farming has become more prominent and it was becoming more profitable than before. Again, due to this, Blizzard was alarmed of the controversy. To battle this Blizzard has released a statement against to these services. They even included a report about this kind of service was generated from hacking accounts of users. In addition, it included a statement against leveling service companies that use disruptive hacks to its customers.

Gold farming or getting real money in exchange for virtual goods in games is now predominant on the online gaming scene. This is true, especially if the game is popular like World of Warcraft. However, it is the player's choice if they will avail this kind of services to get more powerful or they will play using only mad skills and determination to rise through the ranks.

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How to Choose Your Class in the World of Warcraft

Everyone who has just started playing the massive multiplayer online roleplaying game World of Warcraft must decide which of the ten major classes they should choose. They say that the beginning is always the hardest, and this seems to be applicable in this context. Choosing a class in this game is a very important matter because once you have picked one, there is no going back. Yes, you may change your race, but you cannot change your class. To help you in selecting the right class for you, here are some guides on the different classes of this game.

In choosing your class, make sure that you consider which class you think you can enjoy playing. A class is a permanent thing here in World of Warcraft, so it is best that you will enjoy playing your online character because you will be stuck with that for the rest of your online gaming life. If possible, choose a class that matches your own personality. For example, if you do not like heading down for a fight or shooting down somebody, then perhaps being a priest is what is best for you. Consider what you enjoy doing so that you can make better choices in choosing your class.

Another thing to consider in choosing your class is your general game strategy. The way you play the game and the way you plan to tackle the quests and raids should be considered because certain class types can suit you better than the others. For example, if the general game strategy is to attack continuously and worry less about your defenses, then the DPS or Damage per Second Class is the best class for you. However, if you think that defense is the best form of attack, then the tank class can absorb more damage than the other classes, giving you the ability to hold down the enemy while your teammates deal the damage. Like in any other game, enjoying the quests and other fun stuffs in this MMORPG relies on your own skills and thinking.

Finally, in choosing your class for this game, you must take into consideration whether you have a previous gaming experience from this game or other similar games or none at all. For total newbies, there are certain classes that might be difficult for you to manage. For example, being a druid can be hard for total newbies because this class is hard to play in its lower levels. You might have a harder time in leveling up or gaining a new skill, or for this instance, a new animal form. The advisable classes for newbies are hunters, rogues and shamans.

Now that you know the basic guidelines in choosing a class, you have now a better chance in selecting the right one for you. Don't get too excited and rush this part of the game. Weigh your options and skills carefully. The World of Warcraft game can offer you hours and hours of fun, so it is advisable if you get a good start.

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Your Character: The Crucial Decision in the World of Warcraft

The World of Warcraft is an adventure, fighting and roleplaying game that allows you to interact with other players as long as they are in the same race as yours. The idea of getting to play a role is exciting for most players. Some even got so much into it.

At present, there are 10 classes to choose from namely death knight, druid, hunter, mage, paladin, priest, rogue, shaman, warlock and warrior. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses.

The class that you will choose will determine your race. There are two main races: alliance and horde. In the Alliance, you can be draenai, dwarf, gnome, human, night elf or worgen. On the other hand, you can be a blood elf, forsaken, orc, tauren, troll or goblin in the Horde race. Note that faction swaps are allowed in the game.

There are also primary professions such as alchemy, enchanting, blacksmithing, herbalism, engineering, inscription, leatherworking, jewel crafting, skinning, tailoring and mining.

When you start to play the World of Warcraft, you will have to make a crucial decision. You will face the character creation screen. It's more crucial if you prefer to play with a group than to play solo. The character that you will choose will limit the role you'll take in the group unless you will go for the druid, which will be good in being a tank, healer or damage dealer.

The character you will take will also determine how much fun you can have due mainly on the things they can do. For example, the warriors do not have healing powers but they are good in making the game more interesting because of their shouting and the way they hit everything.

Another character that fights up close, the death knight will be a good choice. It's best for being the tank or damage dealer. Aside from their blades equipped with dark magic, they can also command the dead, freeze the enemy or inflict diseases.

You can choose to be a hunter if you like to fight from a distance. When playing with a group, you will be a great damage dealer. You can use beasts for shield and to assault enemies. You can use a variety of weapons including bows and guns.

There is no such thing as the best character in the World of Warcraft. It depends on what you like to do in fights. It depends on how you want to play the game.

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Arma 3 - A Preview Of Things To Come

In June 2012, Arma 3 was unveiled to a select group of avid gamers and industry professionals at the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo. During the event, Bohemia Interactive revealed a variety of new features that would take the game's technical aspects and gameplay to the next level. Some of these new features were highlighted in six showcases that provided players with the opportunity to try them out in a real game setting. These showcases included:

Night Ops

In each showcase, players were assigned a simple mission that demonstrated the latest advancements in Arma 3. In the Supports showcase, players were given access to new features that allowed long distance engagement of the opponent. Also featured were the revamped Artillery, Close Air support features, and the context-sensitive hint system currently under development.

In the Vehicle showcase, players found themselves in the thick of vehicular gaming action, face-to-face with enemy patrols. This particular showcase was also notable for the introduction of the Strider, a slew of new and exciting sound effects, a unique infrared feature, and a host of new vehicles, that includes the company's much-anticipated PhysX driving model.

Fans of undersea action where treated to a host of new undersea features in the Diving showcase. The main goal of the mission is to clear the immediate vicinity of enemy divers, and with the new enhancements introduced, Arma 3 set the stage for a whole new take on the underwater gaming paradigm. Players were given access to a variety of new vehicles, movements, and combat tactics in a superbly rendered undersea environment that truly highlighted what the game had to offer.

The Night Ops showcase gave players the opportunity to join in on a nighttime mission that superbly demonstrates the game's new lighting enhancements. Even in the space of such a quick firefight, it was apparent how much work went into ensuring that each individual feature worked together to create a superb gaming experience with plenty of innovative touches.

Superb new lighting enhancements

The new lighting enhancement showcased in the Night Ops mission is actually a large part of what makes Arma 3 such a significant departure from its predecessor. Subtle and detailed in some parts and highly dramatic in others, the game's lighting really emphasizes Arma 3's focus on integrating innovative new features into the feel of the game. Rather than standing out on its own, each key feature (including the lighting) contributes to the overall look and feel of the game in a perceptible way. It was in fact one of the primary goals of the game developers to make the lighting in Arma 3 as "realistic as possible", a goal that was achieved by way of innovative enhancements to the point-lights and light-emitting materials, as well as the overall lighting.

Revamped gaming engine

Great lighting is of course an essential part of the gaming experience, and Arma 3 undoubtedly sets gaming standards in this regard. However, the innovation that went into the game goes a lot deeper than mere cosmetics. The gaming engine has also been revamped to more efficiently handle high dynamic ranges. This gives Arma 3 unprecedented detail and flexibility, allowing for richer and more vibrant night time operations, more detailed scenes, and a host of new gameplay features. While Arma 2 made waves for its innovative features at the time of its release, the enhanced gaming engine of Arma 3 almost makes this latest incarnation a totally different game.

Innovation on the ground level

Terrain is something that the developers of Arma 3 take very seriously, and the inclusion of new playing environments drawn from the Greek islands of Lemnos and Stratis make the game a serious contender in the gaming world indeed. As far back as two years before the game's release, a team of Bohemia Interactive designers were already stationed at the two islands, gathering images, video, and data that would serve as the direct inspiration for the fabulous new terrains that would be featured in Arma 3. The team worked intensively to capture the look, feel and essence of the islands, with the goal of incorporating these elements into the game environment. The result is a host of new playing environments that merge the best that the Greek islands have to offer with the imaginative features introduced by the Arma 3 design team. For Arma 3 gamers, this means a much richer and more rewarding playing experience.


Combat games aren't exactly new, and even multilevel games will really need to be packing something extra in order to grab the attention of the now-jaded gaming community. Simply put, Arma 3 has more than a few of these "extras". With the superb lighting enhancements, the breathtaking environments, and the overhauled engine that imparts the game with unprecedented detail and gameplay options, Arma 3 is bound to make history for Bohemia Interactive yet again.

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Mario Games - The Best Way to Spend Good Time With Your Friends

Different types of online and offline games are designed every year. It has been observed that the popularity of the gaming industry is rising with each passing day. Mario is one of the most popular games among adults and kids. It comes in several editions and versions. Some of the versions are very easy while others are challenging and tougher. The most popular versions include Mario snow, Mario forever, Old Mario, super Mario star scramble and many more.

Almost every Mario game has an interesting music. While playing a game, the music creates a fun-filled environment. The music changes from one level to another. These days, the interesting Mario remix versions are also available in the market. The actual song has been altered in the Remix version with a quicker tempo. It might be modifying the dynamics, tuning and pitch. You can download such versions online without spending money.

An online game is considered as an excellent and perfect source of entertainment and amusement. Most people reveal that it is a great method to get rid of tension. The online games are based on the advanced technology. Mario is one of the most efficient PC games. You can purchase the different versions of Mario games from a conventional store at very reasonable prices.

These games are very easy to install. To play such games, you must follow a few instructions. Moreover, you can easily understand how to play Mario games. Mario cartoon characters can grab the attention of kids. The soundtrack and graphics of the game are impressive and give a great feel to the player. In addition, you can change the commands according to your preferences. It has been noticed that due to the popularity of this character, it has started to be printed on T-shirts, comics, Television shows and films.

The game has undergone improvement in terms of graphics and programming. You can control the movement of the character when you are playing this game. You can use the up, down buttons on the keyword, and make him jump and run through the game field. You have to pass the various levels to reach the final destination. Every level offers obstacles and challenges. One level is more complex than the previous one.

If you want to play this game, you can either play it online or get it from the video game stores. You can play in the company of your friends and siblings.

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Get Enhanced Gameplay With Galaga '88

Galaga '88 was released in 1987 for virtual console. It is a shooter game by Nameco/Atari Games. It now can be played in arcade style, on PC, game gear, and virtual console platforms. Collectors have made the vintage models very popular.


Gameplay follows pretty much the original game. It is more challenging, however. There are twenty-nine stages, spread over eight worlds. There are also dimensions of higher play.

There are challenging stages as well. Enemy formation changes according to the dimension the player is in. Enemies vary in looks and how they perform from the original version. They player chooses the number of battleships, either one or two, to start with.

• Starship capture

Capture of a spaceship by the enemy lets the player destroy that enemy ship, called Boss Galagas, releasing their ship and giving them two. If that happens again, with a released ship, the player ends up with a triple ship that can't be captured.

When the last enemy ship is captured, it releases a canister that can be collected and automatically upgrades the player's ship to a triple ship.

• Dimensions

Choosing to enter a higher dimension means extra bonuses and more difficult play. Choosing higher levels results in play at that level for the rest of the game. Also, at stage 10, the player will be advanced to Dimension Two if the player has not chosen to advance prior to that. There is no bonus rewarded in this case.

There are five dimensions to advance through, each with better bonuses and more challenging play.

• Worlds

There are eight worlds of play, with the twenty-nine stages being distributed between them. The players' starship, Galaga, travels between the stages and worlds.


This version was released to several different ports. These include the following:

• NEC PC Engine (Turbografx and Turbografx 16)
• Sega Game Gear
• Playstation2
• Xbox
• Nintendo Game Cube
• PC 's
• Wii Virtual Console
• Virtual Console
• iPhone Apps

The name was not always the same, and it was often offered as a package, but the game was the same. Release was from 1987 through 2010. Sometimes it was a free version, used to promote other, later versions.


Galaga '88 is part of the Galaxian series. The order and dates of the release of the sequels are as follows:

• Galaxian in 1979
• Galaga in 1981
• Gaplus in 1984
• Galaga '88
• Galaga Arrangement (part of Nameco Classics Collection)

From new, modernized versions to restored vintage, this game has been a favorite of many for decades. Online versions now mean that everyone can have access to this most fun adventure.

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Secrets and Easter Eggs in GTA San Andreas

Hello everyone! My name is Denise and here in this article I am going to show some lesser known secrets, also called as 'Easter Eggs', of GTA San Andreas. Let us begin with them and first one is about a constellation.

While playing the game on a console or a PC, look above at the sky and you will discover a group of stars which look like Rockstar Games logo. If you carefully look at the ambulances in San Andreas then you will find 'Lance' written on them instead of 'Ambulance'. This maybe an indirect reference to Lance Vance of Vice City game.

Let us look at some other secrets as well. Many people have claimed to see Big Foot while playing story missions. However, there is no official word on it. As far as my friends have reported, they have spotted Big Foot near Country Side area of the game. Look out for this monster in the forest.

Is there a Leather Face character in San Andreas? The answer is No. There is no leather face in the game. Some websites accept this but many others deny. Even I do not accept existence of any Leather face character. Its absence is one of the lesser known secrets in the gaming community.

If you complete Valet Parking missions then you can take over the Van Hoff hotel which is located nearby the starting point. The hotel can generate money without playing any missions.

If you have ever played San Andreas then you know that car-repairing costs huge money. However, the secret is that you can repair your car without spending a penny. For this, park your car inside a garage and then exit the garage. After few minutes, open your garage and the car is in good condition. You have repaired it without wasting your money.

You might have spotted trains in GTA San Andreas. But you are not aware of how to take a ride. If you want to taste the journey of a train then complete all the freight missions. If you complete it successfully then you get $50,000 as well.

Another secret of the game is about infinite ammunition. You get the privilege of infinite ammunition if and only if you complete the game up to 100%. In addition to this, you also win a military tank capable of destroying other vehicles

There is a secret way to save yourself from fire in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game. For getting this benefit, you have to complete all the firefighter missions. This ends my article on Easter eggs and secrets of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game. If you have any related queries then please do ask it using the comment form.

For more related information, visit More Secrets of San Andreas game and San Andreas Game Site.

Mahjong Games for Spending Relaxing Weekends With Friends

Mahjong is a traditional Chinese game, which it is believed to have been designed by Confucius. Today, you will find this game in different types like the American and Japanese versions. They come with their own special rules and regulations.

Mahjong games mostly resemble rummy, the card game, because they share a lot of similarities. In comparison, Mahjong requires more aptitude and evaluation skills. This game is very popular in and around China. It was first introduced worldwide by the China Sports Commission. The rules are modernized, and the game is made more tricky and fast paced.

On the other hand, you can also relax and play it leisurely with your friends or family members. Many people say that it lessens hypertension and facilitates mental focus and vigilance. It is a perfect game for spending relaxed and lively weekends. You will enjoy laughing out loud with your friends while the game is on. Although, Mahjong games require calculation skills, you will still need to have the element of luck on your side.

The game has 136 roof tiles. Different types of tiles used in the game are 36 Character tiles, 36 Bamboo tiles, 36 Circle tiles, 16 Wind tiles, and 12 Dragon tiles. It is usually a game for 4 players, but even 2, 3, or 5 players can play it.

Each player is given 13 tiles and the rest is used as drawing wall. Subsequently, the players have to move their relevant walls towards the midpoint to form a square model. Each player has to dispose of one tile while drawing a new tile.

The main aim of Mahjong games is to get four sets of tiles and one pair. The 4 sets can be a Chii, Pon or Kan.

A Chii set comprises of 3 similar tiles with consecutive numbers, but wind and dragon tile cannot be used in Chii sets.
A Pon set has 3 identical tiles.
A Kan set is made of 4 consecutive tiles.

The game comes to an end, when the first player completes the above mentioned combinations before other players. Players can also make use of tiles discarded by their opponents.

When the player wins after drawing the tile directly from the wall, then it is called as 'Tsumo'. 'Ron' means winning after picking your opponents tile, and 'Tenpai' is declared when only one tile left for winning the game.

'Uma' is the calculation of scores at the end of the game. Here, the winner gets 9k points, 2nd place player gets 3k points, and the 3rd place player gets 3k points. The 4th place player loses 9k points.

Mahjong games are liked by many people from all across the world. Once the game begins, they get so absorbed with the tricks, moves and challenges that they forget everything else for the next few hours. You can also play these games online and test your skills with players from across the world.

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Use Deductive Reasoning Skills to Play Minesweeper


Minesweeper was introduced in 1990 as a Microsoft game. It has survived for the past 22 years and is just a popular as ever. Most everyone has played it as least once. Still, there is a lot of confusion about how to play it and especially how to succeed at solving it.

Since its inception, it has changed very little graphically. Some minor changes have been made, but play has remained the same. This means that once the technique is mastered, there is no reason wins should not be frequent.


Some of the varieties of the game involve having mine fields of different shapes and dimensions. There are hexagons, triangles, and even 3-D shapes. In some versions, there are even multiple bombs possible in each cell. Some games are a combination of two games. There are many variants of the game that recreate real-life battles.


One negative criticism is also a positive. That criticism is the difficulty of figuring out the bomb placements. There are mathematical formulas for determining where the bombs are, but it is quite complicated except for a confirmed mathematician.

Another criticism by some is the fact that they feel the game trivializes the persons who risk their lives in clearing real-live bombs. They say it is offensive those who have suffered personal injury or even death in a minefield.

The way the criticism about minefields was handled by some is to change the "bombs" to flowers or some other symbol.


Playing the game is extremely easy, and extremely hard. The actual mechanics are simple, but the logic and the attempt at wins are very hard.

There are beginner, intermediate, and expert levels. The levels determine how many cells are in the grid and how many mines are placed. Play then follows a routine.

• Select first cell
• Place a flag over any cell you know has a mine by right clicking on a cell
• Check numbers and determine where to place another flag
• Click to solve when all mines are located
• If you click a mine, you lose
• If you reveal and flag all cells, you win

It is easy to follow the procedures, but avoiding the mines is not as straight forward.


• Open Minesweeper
• Type XYZZY on keyboard
• Hold shift key down for 10 seconds
• Look in upper left corner for a single pixel
• Scroll over cells
• Pixel turns black if mine is present, white if no mine is present


One strategy is, of course, the mathematical formula for determining where mines are. If one is so inclined, the formula can be used to find each and every mine.

Another strategy is to click the center cell on the first move. The first cell clicked will contain no mines. Clicking the center one usually exposes more empty cells, plus numbers that will help you determine which cells contain mines.

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Bored With TV, Try Playing Pokemon Online

Do you get bored if all you do is watch TV or play some old video games? Well I do and maybe you can forget them as well and play something a little more exciting. Pokemon, you know, the world-wide favourite cartoon, is now playable as a great online game.

Pokemon online games are really good and compared to other games they make collecting Pokemon characters seem almost real (well as real as collecting imaginary monsters can be ). Now, I don't want you to have the wrong impression that these Pokemon games are only for the little kids. No, they are not just for kids, in fact they are really popular and played by teenagers and adults. The games are great versions of the Pokemon Game Boy games, with all the cool worlds and game play that you would expect and are written and drawn by Pokemon fans trying to create the best little Pokemon game they can.

You do not have to download a thing or even pay to play these games. All you do is sign in a registration page so you can then login and start playing. Pokemon Criter was one of the really popular online games that fans really loved. It was the game that started all the others in wanting to play Pokemon in an online battle. The games let the players explore all around a cool Pokemon world, wandering about with the aim of trying to capture all types of Pokemon critters including legends and shiny versions. And then once you have caught the ones you want you can then train them to be more powerful and get evolved to even bigger and better to help you win and battle you may encounter.

Helping you around the online worlds the game makers have built-in maps so you know exactly where you are and can't get lost. Like in any Pokemon game, you start training Pokemon when they are really low-level and by battling other Pokemon Trainers and their Pokemon their power builds up but where these online Pokemon games differ is that these games are completely played in an internet browser and online and you compete against other real players around the world trying to be the best, not against other computer controlled players. So not only do you get to see your Pokemon in a battle you get to play as a real Pokemon trainer.

Myself and my family love playing Pokemon games on the computer. Visit us to see all of our reviews of Online Pokemon Games by Clicking Here The reviews include probably the most famous one called Pokemon Crater Online. Try any of these Pokemon games out and I am sure you will find one you like.

Wizard 101 Install Guide

How to Install Wizard101 and Create a New Wizard

Wizard101 is one of the most popular free online rpg games in the world where you can play as a wizard to cast powerful spells to vanquish foes. Come join the wizarding fun by setting up the game and creating your very own wizard through this guide from MMO-Play.

System Requirements
Before anything else, you have to make sure that your personal computer can handle playing the game by matching or exceeding these system requirements. Wizard101 does not run natively on Mac computers, so you would need to download an application at CrossOver Games that lets you support running Wizard 101 on a Mac.

Creating a New Character

To create a new character in Wizard101, click the "Play Now" button on the upper Wizard101 game page and go through four steps to create your wizard.

Step 1: Choosing a Gender

First step will ask you to pick a gender. Choosing either a boy or girl avatar will not affect your overall power in Wizard101.

Step 2: Choosing a Name

Second step involves composing a first name and last name for your wizard. Unlike other MMORPG titles, Wizard101 will not allow you to type in anything that pops into your mind; you can only select from a pre-selected list. But there are more than enough choices for you to choose from.

Step 3: Choosing a School of Magic

The third step is a survey questionnaire. Based on how you answer this questionnaire, your new wizard will be put under one primary school of magic.

After answering the survey, you will be put under one school of magic. If you are not satisfied with this outcome, you can click the "Choose a Different School" button to switch to another school. There are seven primary schools of magic, each offering unique spells - Fire, Storm, Ice, Death, Life, Myth and Balance. Once you have decided on a final school, click the Next button to head to the final part of the character creation process.

Step 4: Filling up the Player Profile Form

In the fourth and final step, you will need to fill up a short profile form. You will need to provide your age, a username, a password and an e-mail address. Click the "DONE" button to finish the character creation. You will then be asked to download install the Wizard101 game.

Downloading, Installing and Patching the Game

After you fill up the profile form, you will be asked to click the "Play for FREE!" button. This will let you download the InstallWizard101.exe program. Run that program to install Wizard101 on your computer. Installation will take around a few minutes, and then you will arrive at the login page.

Enter your username and password. Wait for the short patch update to finish, then voila! The "PLAY!" button will light up at the lower-right part of the screen. Click "PLAY!" to enter the world of Wizard101 and start an epic adventure with your created wizard character.

Why Power Leveling In Diablo III Is Important

There are a lot of good reasons why power leveling is generally attractive by serious Diablo III gamers. Power leveling isn't just important to the more serious players, but also to the casual gamers as well. Listed below are a few of the most important reasons why leveling up fast in Diablo III is absolutely necessary:

(1) You are able to equip better weapons at the higher levels in Diablo III.

A great deal of the items in Diablo III have a level requirement. Should you not max out your characters level, these items will not be available. You simply won't have sufficient stats in order to use the weapons or armor as well. In order to dominate in Diablo III, these types of weapons are crucial to success.

(2) Higher level quests with your friends will not be accessible.

One of the worst elements of gaming is not being able to play with friends. If they're at a higher level than you, you are going to be excluded from their parties simply because you're not powerful enough to take on the difficult quests. So, if you want to be able to play and enjoy Diablo with your friends you need to level up to their level.

(3) You will not be able to access the entire skill tree.

One doesn't get complete access to all the Diablo III skills until level 60 and for that reason; you simply won't have the opportunity to experience the true potential of your Diablo character. Obtaining level 60 allows gamers a multitude of skill options and bring the game alive.

(4) Generating Income at Diablo III's Real Money Auction House.

Once gamers reach the highest levels, it is much simpler to obtain weapons and sell them for a profit. In the Real Money Auction House, gamers can actually sell these items for real money, not just gold. This makes it even more important to get to level 60 as soon as possible.

A proven way to level more quickly in Diablo is to play with players who are at a level close to yours and level alongside one another. Make certain you don't grind the exact same spot repeatedly and make it a point to mix up your items as well with the runes in order to find out what are the most effective skills.

Yet another way to speed up your leveling is to research the numerous Diablo III guides that are available on the Internet and make use of the knowledge of others. This will give you the chance to experience things at the higher levels that are not available to casual players.

Last but not least, be prepared to change up your approaches and never adhere to the same strategy continuously.

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Guild Wars 2: The In-Game Economy and Leveling Up

When it comes to the game economy in Guild Wars 2, there are 2 main currencies in use: the primary being coins which is made up of gold and its different units while guilds make use of influence. Influence is used for buying upgrades and what not for guilds and is a necessity for joining group fights as well as PvP. The gold counterpart is the main currency and thus could also be used to purchase influence.

Influence is not as difficult to obtain as it may seem. It can be earned via in both player versus environment (PvE) fights and player versus player (PvP) events. Gamers can also earn influence by accepting guild invitations as well as if they are online during an attendance check. All sorts of political upgrades which may include guild emblems, buffs, party items or guild armors can be bought by using influence. Other than that, the Art of War upgrades which are more or less buffs for world versus world events are also obtained by way of influence. Other guild upgrades that makes use of influence are economy and architectural upgrades.

As for the main Guild Wars 2 currency, it is made up of three units: bronze, silver and gold, with gold being the largest form. Throughout the game, gamers will find that gold is a necessity in order to smoothly progress to the level cap. There are several ways to earn gold, the most common of which is by killing mobs in PvE settings and looting. Other means of earning gold include completion of game events, selling away items to NPC vendors, filling a heart meter and of course by way of trading goods with other gamers.

As players progress through the storyline, they will find that more and more gold are called for to get higher level weapons, in order to purchase upgrades, repair armors as well as for teleportation. Players with more gold at their disposal will find that the levelling progression to the level cap automatically becomes faster. For obvious reasons, gold is used for teleportation, teleportation in itself avoids lengthy playtime wasted on traveling on foot between destinations. More gold also means the ability to reset trait points more often, never having to have second thoughts about repairing a broken attire, purchasing expensive items from vendors or trading away with other players. All of these, in combination enables the richer gamer to quicken the levelling up time, be it by way of better weapons to reap in experience points from taking down mobs or teleporting between waypoints.

The article writer is an avid gamer with an eye on the MMORPG economy. He is especially interested in the market mechanics of popular free-to-play games and has thus shared some of his findings about Guild Wars 2 Gold and other Guild Wars strategies for leveling up with the gaming community.

Six Games Chicks Would Love You for Playing

Women love men who know how to play well. It's important to know the right moves and excel in whatever you do, be it games or reality. If you want to impress a girl with your gaming skills, then you need to prove how big of a 'playa' you are. Given below are six games that chicks would love you for playing:


Scrabble is a classic game that has always been associated with nerds and geniuses. You can use the goodwill of this game to polish your image in your girl's eye, as girls love intelligent men.

It's like a board game that has built-in words and can be played alone, against a computer or a friend. It has easy to use interface and great animations. All you have to do is create words from the available letters and gain marks. The marks depend on the length and placement of the words. This is a fun game that not only kills time but also improves vocabulary.

Angry Birds

This game is popular among both genders. The very unique game has left everyone baffled. It's so addictive, people can play it well even after a night out.

It's defined as a strategy puzzle game, where angry birds have to retrieve their eggs from pigs. In each level, the pigs are sheltered by wood or other materials. The task is to eliminate all the pigs using a sling shot. The birds are aimed towards the pigs to destroy them directly, or destroy the structure that is sheltering them. You take the aim by touch control and hit. The shot depends on the angle and how hard you stretch it.

The game is addictive and is available on almost every device. One of the most famous games today, it can effectively be used to strike the right chord. So, while everyone is playing this game, why would chicks love you for playing it? Because it shows that you are someone who keeps pace with time and not a geek who is still stuck in the Pacman universe.

Flick Golf

One of the most famous golf games on the phone, Flick Golf is truly amazing. There are different courses with different weathers, with the aim to hole the ball. The points are based on how close you get the ball and not how many times you pot it. However, it isn't as easy as it sounds. The game has villains in blowing wind and other factors that make it difficult to achieve the task.

The controls are great and allow you to bend the shot, when needed. The angles allow you to see the course properly and plan your goal. The best part is that golf has always been related to fine gentlemen of superior class. And as much as we know girls - that is exactly the kind of guys they are looking for.

Dungeon Hunter III

Released earlier this year, this game can show your macho image to your girl. Get over the cute spidey and lovely birds; it's time for some real action with the latest version of the game that has better play and graphics.

In this game you play the savior who has to conquer the land from the evil. It's an arena style combat game where you have to kill the monsters to meet the required criteria, and move on to the next level. You have weapons to hit and armors to shield yourself. The game is controlled with touch and is easy to play.

It works in real-time and is so exciting that it keeps you hooked on for a long time. Don't ignore your girl when you're playing it, we know it's hard!

The Amazing Spider Man

The movie is loved by one and all. Kids love it for the action and girls love it for the romance. There's no denying that women love romantic men. You can prove how big you are at heart by installing this game and playing it on your phone.

The game is about Spider-Man fighting evil and saving the world. The story is the same as seen in the movie, and Spidey is seen saving his love and Manhattan, from the evil doctor. The game play is simple and easy to understand. You have to fight the evil lizard and scientists. Spider-Man uses kicks, punches, aerial moves and web to fight the baddies. Learn the combo tricks to enjoy it even more!

It's your chance to cash in on this opportunity and make the best of it. Download it, play it and get your girl caught in your Spidey web!

GT Racing: Motor Academy

Girls love cars and bikes. It's a given that they'll love racing games too. The latest and one of the most loved Android racing games of recent times is the 'GT Racing: Motor Academy'.

This free to download game has everything that one looks for in a game. It's about keeping pace on the race track and overpowering opponents to be the number one. The main trick is in handling the onscreen controls that are very basic.

All the major car manufacturers are present in the game, with the option to buy more cars. The game has a story mode where you have to get your license to enter the race. The maps are very creative with enough hurdles to make the game exciting.

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Flight Pro Sim World Maps

When it comes to flight simulators, the quality, complexity and depth of terrain is probably only second in importance to the cockpit and instrument detail. This becomes apparent when you see the extent of detail Flight Pro Sim has gone into in creating realistic world maps. You can never hone your ability to fly through mountainous terrain until you, well, fly through mountainous terrain!

Flight Pro Sim world maps are one of the most accurate and realistic simulator maps in the market today and are based on authentic US military mapping information. Not only do the maps cover in great detail almost any landscape you can think of such as rivers, lakes, rails, roads, it also includes more than 20,000 accurate models of the world's airports.

The airport detail goes down to varying runway lighting intensity depending on your approach angle. This is important since visual illusions have been the cause of a substantial number of night landing accidents over the years. Examples of such illusions include the pilot perceiving the runway to be longer than it really is or assuming pitch darkness in the horizon is representative of dark night sky whereas this may just be a solid object such a mountain.

Indeed, if you are looking for realistic flight simulation, Flight Pro Sim world maps are the closest you can get to an actual flight. If you are flying into Mumbai's Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, get slightly dazed by the characteristic glare of vehicle headlights cruising through the city's Western Express Highway. Contrast the near pitch blackness below when flying across the Pacific Ocean to the bright lights that welcome you when approaching an airport at a major city.

If you want even more fun, why not try flying over your house, workplace or your parents' farmhouse? When the Flight Pro Sim world maps are termed military-grade, it really means just that. The data is based on the latest SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) which is run by among others, the North American Space Agency (NASA) and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) which is a division of the United States Department of Defense.

And the simulation is not limited to what is on ground. Accurate time and season modelling means the moon, sun and stars are placed in the exact same place they would be if the plane were taking off from that specific location at a specific time. If it is winter in the Arctic Circle, Flight Pro Sim world maps will incorporate this through 24 hour nights.

The basic installation Flight Pro Sim package comes with scenery for a small part of the Greater San Francisco area. This 'sample' is a great way to see the benefits of Flight Pro Sim's realistic world scenery. It is highly unlikely that you will be content with such a limited scope. The basic package scenery maps will also not provide the full experience Flight Pro Sim is built to deliver. For that, nothing short of the full world scenery maps will do. The full set of world scenery maps can be purchased separately.

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Flight Simulator Controls

As any novice or seasoned pilot would know, it is impossible to fly any aircraft if one has little or no understanding of the instrument panels in each plane. And this is the same with flight simulators like Flight Pro Sim. Before you can successfully fly any of the more than 100 aircraft models that are available in this software, you have to be conversant with the flight simulator controls of each. As an example, let's take a quick look at the controls for the Cessna Skyhawk P in Flight Pro Sim.

Users can choose from a two-dimensional control panel and a 3-D cockpit. The 3-D simulation provides a far more realistic experience. You can toggle between the 2-D and 3-D views at any point. Irrespective of the view, all knobs and panel levers can be manipulated using your mouse (if you do not have a joystick or yoke).

Delving into the actual flight simulator controls for the Cessna Skyhawk P, we can start by looking at the attitude indicator which shows the plane's bank and pitch. The indicator has bank angle marks at 90, 60, 30, 20 and 10 degrees. Just next to the attitude indicator is the airspeed indicator. It shows flight speed in knots.

There are different colored arcs on the airspeed indicator each showing range of speed with flaps and with flaps retracted. But most important, the upper section of the airspeed indicator has a red dial that indicates the velocity you must not exceed. Under the airspeed indicator is a turn indicator. At its center is the image of an airplane which shows the plane's roll.

If the right or left wing is alighted with any of the marks on the turn indicator, it means you are taking a standard turn i.e.turning full circle in exactly 120 seconds. Within the turn indicator is an inclinometer that shows if the ailerons and rudder are correctly aligned. The inclinometer shows whether the plane is 'skidding'. But just in case you are not conversant with the Cessna Skyhawk P's flight simulator controls, you can always take off with the auto-coordination option enabled.

Next to the attitude indicator (on the right hand side) is the altimeter which indicates your altitude in hundreds of feet. A crucial note here is that the figure shown here is feet above sea level as opposed to feet above ground. Related to the altimeter is another vital cockpit instrument - the vertical speed indicator. This shows the speed at which your plane is climbing or descending in feet per minute.

The flight simulator controls in Flight Pro Sim however go a tad bit further than the actual Cessna Skyhawk P's standard cockpit instruments. For instance, there is a red field just under the compass. This filed indicates the status of the plane's brakes. It lights up whenever you engage the brakes. As you launch your Cessna Skyhawk P within Flight Pro Sim, it is important to remember that you can ignore radio instruments if your flight is strictly based in Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and not Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).

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Flight Simulator Downloads

Whether it is the flight simulator itself or flight sim accessories, there is a high probability that any buyer or user of flight simulation software will have to do some downloads at a certain point. Whereas downloading software over the internet is no doubt convenient compared to the lag time and cost of having to order the discs or walking to a computer store to do the purchase, there are certain things you must always take into consideration before embarking on any flight simulator downloads.

Check for compatibility - Few things can be as frustrating as patiently waiting for long flight simulator downloads to complete only to discover that the software is not compatible with your operating system. Fortunately, many simulator downloads have versions for the two major desktop operating systems (i.e. Microsoft Windows and Apple's MacOS) and some even go as far as including a Linux release.

As such, all you need to do is make sure you select the correct file for your computer's operating system. But the problems that come with compatibility are not just limited to the software not successfully installing. Certain legitimate downloads may mess up your computer system if forcibly installed while others may prove hard to completely uninstall.

Read and follow the installation instructions - The software or accessory may require that you uninstall an earlier version of the same software before you install the one you have just downloaded. It may also be necessary to install a different type of software before you can install your flight simulator downloads.

Make sure your computer is running a credible and up-to-date anti-virus. While there are a number of respectable freely downloadable antivirus applications, always bear in mind that you get what you pay for. It may be better to spend some money in buying a world class antivirus as opposed to relying on freeware then later paying a painful price when your computer is ruined by malware.

Make sure you scan all flight simulator downloads with your antivirus prior to installation. Despite all the good software available out there, there are still a few that conceal malware, adware and spyware.

Back up your system before installation - It does not matter how good a particular application is - when it comes to computers, you can never be 100% certain of outcomes. Always remember that today's computer is a complex mesh work of numerous types of software and hardware. As such, always prepare for the worst. Malware, incompatible software and erroneous actions during installation can render your computer inoperable and wipe out data you may have spent years accumulating.

So before installing flight simulator downloads, back up your entire hard drive or at the bare minimum, your most valuable files.That way, if anything happens, you have a fallback restore point.

Never download files from unknown sources - This includes instances where the site purports to offer flight simulator downloads from a major brand such as Flight Pro Sim. It is possible for unscrupulous sites to take legitimate software, unpack it, include malware files and then repackage it as an executable file for download

Want to learn more about Flight Pro Sim? Visit http://www.flightprosim.us and find out all the latest software.

The Pet With the Highest DPS in GW2

The ranger is the only class in Guild Wars 2 which contains the ability to possess a companion. These companions can range from adorable looking animals to vicious beasts, able to strike on cue. With eleven distinctive animal families choose from, locating the best animal for the highest DPS is a matter of picking and choosing the right pets for the ranger. Although it must be noted that every player has his or her preference when choosing the right pet. Some players may choose the pet for their cosmetic look while others will choose the right pet (in their rightful opinion) according to their stats.

Naturally the best damage dealer is the Ranger once the right skill rotations are implemented. Although note that the Ranger can become a viable warrior however, do not expect the Ranger to pummel enemies like a Guardian. Wearing light armor for maximum flexibility, the Ranger class requires a helping paw, wing or tail.

Listed below are potential candidates which can possibly contain the highest DPS rate:

Hyena: This fearsome canine is said to unleash one of the highest DPS in the game. According to several players, the hyena has the ability to summon its own companion to battle using an ability called, Howl of the Pack. With the second hyena in play, both canines unleash attacks against your target. Using the F2 button, the Hyena bursts onto the enemy dealing considerable damage which is one of the main strengths of this canine.

Lynx: One of the animals from the feline family. The argument stats the lynx possess an equally high DPS rate but without a graph to measure the damage, the double-dual hyenas continue to pack a punch. However, keep in mind the lynx is capable of biting firmly onto the enemy causing them to bleed with skills such as Maul and Rendering Pounce. In speculation, the lynx contains a high precision attribute making this feline to always lock on targets.

Eagle: Attacking from the air, the eagle is able to unleash devastating attacks for high crits and extra bleeding damage. The main skill unique to the eagle is Lacerating Slash.

Depending on which type players are most comfortable with, there are a number of pets players can insert into slots. When it comes down to it, it solely depends on the Ranger's build and how to effectively use their pets in combat. By reading through online beginners guide, such as this one, new players can get a better idea what to expect when playing the ranger class.

Writing more than five hundred mmorpg articles, this author's newest addition is the Guild Wars 2 Guide; this is a guide covering basic a gameplay. IN addition to this guide, the author has also written about gw2 combat pieces as well.

Smoke and Mirrors: A Basic Guide to the Mesmer Profession

The mesmer is no ordinary profession when reviewing this profession's skills and abilities. The idea of the mesmer is to confuse opponents using a plethora of skills designed to make your head spin. For beginners, the mesmer can be a challenge to master and in more blunt terms: tame. Take this to heart: Guild Wars 2 skills and abilities change upon equipping a new weapon so don't be surprised if the skills change drastically in your UI.

First off, here is the list of action bar skills:

Mind Wrack - destroy all your clones and phantasms. As a result, nearby foes are affected by the blast.
Cry of Frustration - destroy all your clones and phantasms. As a result, your foes will be confused.
Diversion - destroy all your clones and phantasms. As a result, your foes will be dazed.
Distortion - destroy all your clones and phantasms. As a result, you gain distortion for each clone or phantasm shattered.

Unlike other mage classes, such as the Elementalist for example, the mesmer brings a new perspective onto the battle field. Instead of the traditional fireball or lightning bolt to stun your enemies, the mesmer employs confusion skills instead. Take PvP for instance; having a mesmer in your team will be highly beneficial to you and your group. The mesmer has the ability to cast multiple clones of his or herself, and let's not forget, these clones are equipped with weapons. These clones or phatasms contain the ability to harm opponents. In a worse case scenarios, you can swap yourself out and take the place of your clone to short ranged damage. This applies when you equip dual-wielding weapons.

Another skill used by the mesmer to cripple foes is employing a skill called Phantasmal Berserker. This skill here is nifty if your character is surrounded by enemies. The idea is to create a phantom of yourself which performs whirlwind-like moves and cripple your opponents. This can only be achieved if your mesmer has equipped a Greatsword. There are other possible skill combinations available in the game which ensures a dynamic set of skills possessed by the class. Note that the mesmer, like other classes can equip other weapons and is not restricted to only a staff or mace.

These are only some of the skill snippets possessed by the mesmer. In conclusion there are countless possibilities the mesmer can offer to the player. The only thing the player needs to keep in mind is patience. Mastering the master of illusion is no easy task.

Participating in Guild Wars since 2005, the author wrote a number of articles regarding the mesmes profession. Such articles are: GW2 Mesmer Guide and Mastering the Gw2 mesmer.

Looking for the Best Class in Guild Wars 2

These are the professions:

Engineer: One of the newest and most interesting classes in the game. The engineer possesses the ability to create contraptions from their tool belt. These are called turrets. For players who want to distance themselves from the enemy and watch them blow up into smithereens, this is the class for you.

Ranger: This profession is the only profession which players can equip companions. These are pets. With eleven different pet families available, players and pick and choose the best pet for battle. Even as a sharpshooter like yourself, you will have the ability to equip arboreal, terrestrial and aquatic species to aid you in your plight.

Thief: The master of looting and opening treasure chests. Considered a rouge class, the thief is capable of setting traps as it is one of the things they do best. A one-on-one specialist they possess duel wield skills which is determined by the weapon the thief equips main and off hand. Best known for deception and stealth abilities, players will find this class easy to use and literally gone with the wind upon a moment's notice.

Mesmer: This is not your typical mage class; the mesmer is one of the most intriguing classes. The ability to use confusion and fear against the enemy, the mesmer is the master of getting inside enemy's heads. With the ability to create multiple illusions-clones and phantasms the mesmer is one of the hardest classes to master. However, once mastered the class becomes a formidable opponent especially in PvP. How do you distinguish between multiple clones of the mesmer to find the real one?

Warrior: This is your typical warrior class; hack and slash. These soldier professions rely heavily on speed, strength and toughness. Opponents may under estimate the warrior believing this profession will be sluggish in battle but it's the opposite; the warrior can unleash devastating blows to unsuspecting victims.

Guardian: Walking down the path of righteousness is the guardian class. This is flat out a tanking class. With heavy armor and equally enhanced and durable artillery, the guardian class is the best tanker when defending against enemy attacks. These guardians can use a skill known as Spirit Weapons; the ability to summon ephemeral weapons along side them.

Necromancer: The master of the dark arts. Calling the dead, they can gather an army and swarm the enemy. One of the key abilities possessed by the necromancer is draining an enemy's life force. Life force, as the name states draws away the 'life force' of the opponent and giving it to the user. This is another one of the toughest classes to beat. Unleashing death and decay around them, the neceromancer will remain the last one standing as long as they continue to drain your life.

Elementalist: This profession is not your typical mage class. Unlike the mesmer profession, this mage has the ability to use four elements at the tips of their fingers. A naturally ranged class and wearing light armor clothing, the elementalist is a class that should not be taken lightly. The elementalist can unleash explosive spells by combining two elements together to create a devastating effect.

Not only does the author write about Guild Wars 2 Guides, the author is a specialist and in-game veteran. One of the example articles she writes is about the Guild Wars 2 Classes Guide.

Minecraft Minimap Mod

Are you fatigued of getting lost all the time? Are you worn out because you have to stay locked in your house because you don't want to get lost? Wouldn't you be happy if there was some kind of mod that has a mini-map so there wouldn't be a way for you to get lost? I know you can craft a map, however, it is not as as easy as getting the mod. You would need a lot of paper, you need a compass. I don't even know how to make a compass! How will you even make use of a compass? In any case, you really do not have go through all of this problem to obtain a straightforward map. You can obtain a mod that does all of this for you. You don't have to craft anything, you just need to download the mod and a mini-map will appear on the top right side of your screen.

After I started playing Minecraft, I stored all my items in a chest. Some time passed and I got hungry. I saw a pig so I ran as rapidly as I could! When I caught him, I was lost! I didn't know where I was or where to go.I had to make a whole new house, make new close friends, I had to start all over again! I had no merchandise. The only item I had on me was a sword, since all of my items were in the chest. I really do not like bringing my items with me because it was night time and I didn't want to lose all my items. I needed to generate a map so I needed a compass and some paper. To create a compass you need steel and Redstone. I was scratching my head because I had no idea what redstone was. I searched on Google to get a mini-map mod. Thankfully I found one, it was named "Rei's Minimap Mod". I was really excited, I thought of all the things I could do with this mod. No more getting lost in unforgiving Minecraft world! This mod also exhibits where you died, genuinely valuable for those who had valuable items on their inventory. You can even set a waypoint and title it "home" or "mine". Any waypoint name is fine, just make sure you name it for it's function. You might get confused if you don't.

You get all of these capabilities therefore you never get lost on Minecraft. It's a really great mod for all Minecraft players.

Jhon is Minecraft player that likes to review certain mods like the Minecraft Minimap Mod. I especially enjoy this mod because I barely get lost. If die and I lose my items, I just go to the coordinates on where I died and get all my dropped items.

Toddler Games Encourage Positive Habits and Build Important Skills

Many parents are reluctant to put technology in the hands of their children. Their fears are reasonably justified. Between hackers, stalkers, predators and cyber bullies, the digital world can be a dangerous place for kids. An inexperienced child is also at risk of damaging the fragile electronic devices. Nonetheless, many solutions exist to address the security concerns. Once a parent feels safe with their kids using computers, toddler games can be great for the development of young children.

Play is an important part of a child's life and is critical for healthy development. Toddler games are a good way to engage your child's mind starting at a young age. Some of the most important benefits include:

Letters and Numbers - Many toddler games feature letters and numbers, and may even teach basic spelling and arithmetic skills. These are a great way to establish familiarity with letters and numbers, which can give children an advantage when they start school.

Matching - Matching games are very popular with children. They are easy to learn and simple to play. At the same time, they help to develop critical pattern recognition and memory skills.

Problem Solving - Kids love a challenge, and that's what makes toddler games so much fun. Problem solving, deduction, logic and critical thinking can all be strengthened through game play.

Self Esteem - The satisfaction of succeeding at a game can build a child's self esteem and confidence. A positive mindset can go a long way in life, and playing games is a great way to build up the right attitude.

Life Skills - Games can teach valuable skills like self discipline, patience and even resourcefulness. Multiplayer games can encourage cooperation and communication, setting the stage for good social skills later in life.

Motor Skills - Even toddler games that don't rely on problem solving and critical thinking can be helpful for improving coordination and motor skills.

Creativity - Many toddler games encourage creativity. For example, digital coloring books, painting games, and even interactive musical games can help a child express him- or herself in healthy, creative ways.

Computer Literacy - Kids these days are usually more computer savvy than their parents, and that trend is likely to continue. Technology skills will continue to be more critical than ever in the coming decades. Playing online games with children, helps to establish familiarity and comfort with technology.

If you think that games are just mindless entertainment and a waste of time with no educational value, think again! Games have always been important in the healthy development of well-rounded individuals, and thanks to modern technology, children can enjoy a wider variety of exciting and educational games than ever before.

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