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Smoke and Mirrors: A Basic Guide to the Mesmer Profession

The mesmer is no ordinary profession when reviewing this profession's skills and abilities. The idea of the mesmer is to confuse opponents using a plethora of skills designed to make your head spin. For beginners, the mesmer can be a challenge to master and in more blunt terms: tame. Take this to heart: Guild Wars 2 skills and abilities change upon equipping a new weapon so don't be surprised if the skills change drastically in your UI.

First off, here is the list of action bar skills:

Mind Wrack - destroy all your clones and phantasms. As a result, nearby foes are affected by the blast.
Cry of Frustration - destroy all your clones and phantasms. As a result, your foes will be confused.
Diversion - destroy all your clones and phantasms. As a result, your foes will be dazed.
Distortion - destroy all your clones and phantasms. As a result, you gain distortion for each clone or phantasm shattered.

Unlike other mage classes, such as the Elementalist for example, the mesmer brings a new perspective onto the battle field. Instead of the traditional fireball or lightning bolt to stun your enemies, the mesmer employs confusion skills instead. Take PvP for instance; having a mesmer in your team will be highly beneficial to you and your group. The mesmer has the ability to cast multiple clones of his or herself, and let's not forget, these clones are equipped with weapons. These clones or phatasms contain the ability to harm opponents. In a worse case scenarios, you can swap yourself out and take the place of your clone to short ranged damage. This applies when you equip dual-wielding weapons.

Another skill used by the mesmer to cripple foes is employing a skill called Phantasmal Berserker. This skill here is nifty if your character is surrounded by enemies. The idea is to create a phantom of yourself which performs whirlwind-like moves and cripple your opponents. This can only be achieved if your mesmer has equipped a Greatsword. There are other possible skill combinations available in the game which ensures a dynamic set of skills possessed by the class. Note that the mesmer, like other classes can equip other weapons and is not restricted to only a staff or mace.

These are only some of the skill snippets possessed by the mesmer. In conclusion there are countless possibilities the mesmer can offer to the player. The only thing the player needs to keep in mind is patience. Mastering the master of illusion is no easy task.

Participating in Guild Wars since 2005, the author wrote a number of articles regarding the mesmes profession. Such articles are: GW2 Mesmer Guide and Mastering the Gw2 mesmer.

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