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Gold Farming, a Predominant Issue in World of Warcraft

Just like any other famous massive multiplayer online role-playing games, World of Warcraft is also a good marketplace for selling virtual goods in the real world. This is not only about players trading personally of virtual goods, this is about real companies offering players virtual goods for real money. This issue happens in the game. Companies will amass gold, obtain good in game items, and sell those in game currency and item to players for profit. Because it is getting popular in the game scene itself, a term for it was coined. It is now called 'gold farming'.

This became noticeable when Blizzard, makers of World of Warcraft, started offering free trial accounts to players. Then, many spam messages from bots became prevalent on advertising about this kind of services. To counter this, Blizzard has implemented some patches to fix this issue. They add additional spam filters and they added the report spam function. This was able to reduce the spam created by these bots. However, the free accounts are still abused. Even though there were additional restrictions to trial characters, it was not enough to stop them. This became much worse after a few years, making

Blizzard decide to use a different approach for the issue.

One of the most notable actions that Blizzard made against this issue is that they filed a complaint to one of the companies that do 'gold farming'. This filed complaint was about stopping the company to use free trial accounts to advertise their service. Which the company that received the complaint agreed to follow what was stated in the complaint.

As the game progresses, much more valuable in game items were being implemented and given to the players. Because of this, gold farming has become more prominent and it was becoming more profitable than before. Again, due to this, Blizzard was alarmed of the controversy. To battle this Blizzard has released a statement against to these services. They even included a report about this kind of service was generated from hacking accounts of users. In addition, it included a statement against leveling service companies that use disruptive hacks to its customers.

Gold farming or getting real money in exchange for virtual goods in games is now predominant on the online gaming scene. This is true, especially if the game is popular like World of Warcraft. However, it is the player's choice if they will avail this kind of services to get more powerful or they will play using only mad skills and determination to rise through the ranks.

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