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The Best Way to Prepare for Diablo III PvP

Are you bored with Diablo III and just waiting for the legendary patch and the PvP patch to come out? Do you plan on spending massive amounts of time playing PvP when it is released? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then think about this very important question. Are you prepared?

There is one specific thing you can do to prepare for Diablo III PvP that will benefit you more than anything else. This one specific task is to level all 5 character classes to level 60.

The infamous ancient Chinese general Sun Tzu explained it best with his quote, "Know thy enemy." I bet Sun Tzu never thought his ancient war tactics would be being applied to video games in the year 2012!

In all games that that involve PvP combat, the best players are always the smartest and most knowledgeable players. If you know your enemy, and know all of the potential spells, skills, and damage types they are going to throw at you, you will be able to prepare and react accordingly. The only way to know this is to level all 5 character classes to level 60. If you devote all your time getting to know only your main character class, you will have no idea what you are going up against, and will fail.

Another added benefit of leveling each class to level 60 is that you will have different options for playing PvP. For example, lets say you are playing your monk, and everyone is constantly kiting you, and you end up getting extremely frustrated. Instead of turning off the game, load up your demon hunter and start doing the kiting yourself! When you are playing your demon hunter, there may be a monk that manages to reach you and kill you. You will learn from this experience and use this new found strategy the next time you play your monk.

Finally, you will have something to do while you wait for the PvP patch to come out! Many people are no longer having fun with Diablo III, and looking for something to do. Leveling each class to level 60 is the answer. The first time you level a character to level 60 is always fun and interesting as you try out new builds, learn what works, and upgrade your gear every couple of levels. A hidden benefit of leveling new characters to level 60 is that you gain gold and find valuable items that can be sold for gold on the auction. This gold can then be used to gear up your characters in preparation for PvP.

There is really no down side to leaveling each character class to level 60. You will be far more prepared for PvP than the majority of players, you will learn new strategies, you will have fun, and you will gain more gold.

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