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Flight Simulator Downloads

Whether it is the flight simulator itself or flight sim accessories, there is a high probability that any buyer or user of flight simulation software will have to do some downloads at a certain point. Whereas downloading software over the internet is no doubt convenient compared to the lag time and cost of having to order the discs or walking to a computer store to do the purchase, there are certain things you must always take into consideration before embarking on any flight simulator downloads.

Check for compatibility - Few things can be as frustrating as patiently waiting for long flight simulator downloads to complete only to discover that the software is not compatible with your operating system. Fortunately, many simulator downloads have versions for the two major desktop operating systems (i.e. Microsoft Windows and Apple's MacOS) and some even go as far as including a Linux release.

As such, all you need to do is make sure you select the correct file for your computer's operating system. But the problems that come with compatibility are not just limited to the software not successfully installing. Certain legitimate downloads may mess up your computer system if forcibly installed while others may prove hard to completely uninstall.

Read and follow the installation instructions - The software or accessory may require that you uninstall an earlier version of the same software before you install the one you have just downloaded. It may also be necessary to install a different type of software before you can install your flight simulator downloads.

Make sure your computer is running a credible and up-to-date anti-virus. While there are a number of respectable freely downloadable antivirus applications, always bear in mind that you get what you pay for. It may be better to spend some money in buying a world class antivirus as opposed to relying on freeware then later paying a painful price when your computer is ruined by malware.

Make sure you scan all flight simulator downloads with your antivirus prior to installation. Despite all the good software available out there, there are still a few that conceal malware, adware and spyware.

Back up your system before installation - It does not matter how good a particular application is - when it comes to computers, you can never be 100% certain of outcomes. Always remember that today's computer is a complex mesh work of numerous types of software and hardware. As such, always prepare for the worst. Malware, incompatible software and erroneous actions during installation can render your computer inoperable and wipe out data you may have spent years accumulating.

So before installing flight simulator downloads, back up your entire hard drive or at the bare minimum, your most valuable files.That way, if anything happens, you have a fallback restore point.

Never download files from unknown sources - This includes instances where the site purports to offer flight simulator downloads from a major brand such as Flight Pro Sim. It is possible for unscrupulous sites to take legitimate software, unpack it, include malware files and then repackage it as an executable file for download

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