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Looking for the Best Class in Guild Wars 2

These are the professions:

Engineer: One of the newest and most interesting classes in the game. The engineer possesses the ability to create contraptions from their tool belt. These are called turrets. For players who want to distance themselves from the enemy and watch them blow up into smithereens, this is the class for you.

Ranger: This profession is the only profession which players can equip companions. These are pets. With eleven different pet families available, players and pick and choose the best pet for battle. Even as a sharpshooter like yourself, you will have the ability to equip arboreal, terrestrial and aquatic species to aid you in your plight.

Thief: The master of looting and opening treasure chests. Considered a rouge class, the thief is capable of setting traps as it is one of the things they do best. A one-on-one specialist they possess duel wield skills which is determined by the weapon the thief equips main and off hand. Best known for deception and stealth abilities, players will find this class easy to use and literally gone with the wind upon a moment's notice.

Mesmer: This is not your typical mage class; the mesmer is one of the most intriguing classes. The ability to use confusion and fear against the enemy, the mesmer is the master of getting inside enemy's heads. With the ability to create multiple illusions-clones and phantasms the mesmer is one of the hardest classes to master. However, once mastered the class becomes a formidable opponent especially in PvP. How do you distinguish between multiple clones of the mesmer to find the real one?

Warrior: This is your typical warrior class; hack and slash. These soldier professions rely heavily on speed, strength and toughness. Opponents may under estimate the warrior believing this profession will be sluggish in battle but it's the opposite; the warrior can unleash devastating blows to unsuspecting victims.

Guardian: Walking down the path of righteousness is the guardian class. This is flat out a tanking class. With heavy armor and equally enhanced and durable artillery, the guardian class is the best tanker when defending against enemy attacks. These guardians can use a skill known as Spirit Weapons; the ability to summon ephemeral weapons along side them.

Necromancer: The master of the dark arts. Calling the dead, they can gather an army and swarm the enemy. One of the key abilities possessed by the necromancer is draining an enemy's life force. Life force, as the name states draws away the 'life force' of the opponent and giving it to the user. This is another one of the toughest classes to beat. Unleashing death and decay around them, the neceromancer will remain the last one standing as long as they continue to drain your life.

Elementalist: This profession is not your typical mage class. Unlike the mesmer profession, this mage has the ability to use four elements at the tips of their fingers. A naturally ranged class and wearing light armor clothing, the elementalist is a class that should not be taken lightly. The elementalist can unleash explosive spells by combining two elements together to create a devastating effect.

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