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How to earn money online with MarketGlory - a strategic game

Earning money online is always like Curious case of Benjamin Button, with so many scams all over the internet. There are only very few Legit Programs which really allows you to earn money online and MarketGlory is one of them. MarketGlory is basically an real life economics simulation game where you can convert all your virtual money earned in game into real cash. Why i said real life economics simulation because in game you can do what all things you do in your real life like "do work for company", "open your own company", "auction and bid on companies", " buy products from companies", " buy or sell shares", "fight with trainer", "participate in arena and country wars", " become partner with Marketglory", "auction and bid on referrals"," become PM or minister and lead your country" and much more. Its a very strategic game where you have to make your own strategy and compete with other players like you. To join Marketglory, click below:

Now earning in Marketglory is little bit slower like all other legit money making programs online. You will not become a billionaire in just few months. Its a game of patience and growing steadily. But also not a slow one, all depends upon strategy to strategy. You can earn handsomely from Marketglory if you make good strategy and follow the basics.

Marketglory is absolutely free to join and play as long as you want to enjoy the game. But if you really want to earn good money from Marketglory, it also requires investments like all other Legit online money making programs do. Investing without strategy is also worthless, you need to make your strategy and improve your finance in game step by step. For all new players i would like to share my master strategy which made me earn more than 2200 Euros in just two months of joining Marketglory. Well earning depends upon your investments. Please read my complete strategy, how i really achieved this levels.

My Stragegy @ MarketGlory :

I joined the Marketglory game around 2 months back. For first two days, i analyzed the game, like how game works, what all things we can do in game, read documentation provided by Marketglory team and read other people's comments in Marketglory forums. After two days of complete investigation, i purchased Experience Pack of 100 Exp @ 20 Euros. This increased my productivity 30 times i.e. from 1.96 to 33.60. Why i go for experience pack? Experience is one the key ingredient in Marketglory which drives your Productivity. Most of the bonus in Marketglory are derived by your Productivity like Work Wage, Work bonus etc. With experience pack you can earn back invested 20 Euro in less than a month and after that all are your earnings.

Now, when i see money coming into my wallets, i decided to invest more. So i invested another 100 Euros and opened 3 companies and 12 workplaces. You can open one company @ 10 Euros and open workplaces @ 0.75 Euro (price of workplaces keep on increasing based on numbers). Believe me then i never looked back. In between i invested 2-3 times more around 100 euros each. You might be thinking i have invested too much. But now you have to see my current player status :
Right now i am Prime Minister of India in Game, has 125 referrals, own 26 companies, have 168 workplaces, have more than 2000 Euros investment in Goal Tycoon ( sub game of Marketglory) and daily making an average of 5 Euros profit. If i right now sell my assets in marketglory its worth is more than 4000 Euros.

You all can do same but you will have to make investments to earn big. I will not recommend to invest from very first day. First learn basics of game and then invest. If you need any help in the game you can email me in game my name in Game is Lonerusher.

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Computer Games and Hollywood Movies

It is amazing how much computer games influence our society. It's often said that art mimics life. This is true in many regards, but sometimes life mimics art. Consider many of the science fiction type movies that have a common theme, and a common foundation of the computer game phenomena. Computer games have obviously only been around since such electronic devices have been available. It's still a rather new industry, and just think, 30 years ago people didn't have personal computers, therefore they didn't play games on those computers. See my point?

The other day, I went to see the movie "Battleship" and the movie had some great special effects, and some of the futuristic technology war game computational radar screens, which looked very much like the electronic version of the family game "Battleship" and so you see computer games in Hollywood movies also have quite a bit in common along the lines of their foundation. Screenplay writers often weave into their storyline such gaming technologies, albeit taken to the next level. It is my contention that we should expect this trend to continue are off into the future, if not motivate humans to create that future.

Some say that computer games are a conspiracy theory to get young kids interested in fighting wars electronically, controlling mechanical weapons and combat equipment far away. It stands to reason that in the future these skills will be needed, and those kids that played video games all of their lives will most likely be the ones at the controls of our future fighter planes, stealth bombers, and unmanned ground vehicles. Today your kids might be playing the video game, tomorrow they might be working for the Department of Defense defending this great nation.

Without getting into the heart of that debate over the morality of such issues, you can see that the Hollywood script writers do indeed believe that this will be our potential eventuality in the future, and they are duly writing those scenarios into the movies we are watching today. We all know that the science fiction of today will become the science fact of tomorrow. Perhaps a lot of that is occurring in the entertainment world, as it is being introduced to our society and civilization in this way.

Now then, I would like you to stop and think for a moment how many Hollywood movies that you've seen in the last few years that have a computer gaming theme. I think when you do that, you will see exactly what I'm talking about. In fact, if you want to help jog your memory, go onto Google or Yahoo and search "Hollywood science fiction movies with computer games," and you'll be surprised how many movies pop up, and when you watch some of those trailers you will see just what I'm talking about. Please consider all this and think on it.

Lance Winslow has launched a new provocative series of eBooks on Future Concepts. Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank; http://www.worldthinktank.net

World of Warcraft Strategies

Even with the abundance of info available regarding it on the internet, it could be difficult to decide which websites to visit and what the best World of Warcraft strategies are. The game was originally introduced on November 23, 2004. It's set on a realm called Azeroth. It' sometimes regarded as a follow-up to Warcraft 3. It's the most popular adaptation of an MMORPG ever designed.

WOW strats must begin with the basics of choosing the characters to utilize in the actual game. There are 10 categories that these characters fall into, each one having a unique set of capabilities and powers. All of these would contain both strengths & weaknesses. Some of these like priests would have more influence in team settings as they have might to heal others. Others like warriors work better by themselves. It's important for a WOW player to consider what approach best suits his playing style.

WOW strategies involve selecting the types of professions which are largely adaptable to the character category. 2 professions could be selected, a primary & a secondary. Primary professions involve elemental tasks like gathering items through work like mining and making objects by crafts such as tailoring and woodworking. Secondary professions would be more concerned with survival skills like cooking and fishing.

An important concept of World of Warcraft strategies is to make certain there's no conflict between professions chosen & categories the characters fall into. Blacksmithing will not be a good professional for a hunter because they're restricted to merely wearing leather & have no need to the said skills. A warrior on the other hand will have use for such talent as they fight with several weapons created from iron. As could be seen, there are several particular rules that apply to every type of profession and character. Knowing how to utilize such to advantage is essential to forming effective techniques for game play.

As soon as one develops his World of Warcraft strategies to aid him advance and succeed, he would be able to utilize them all the way up to level eighty-five. There are several guides available. A number of them are offered at no cost while others require a fee. The basics only take some minutes to learn. Then again, there are so many things to read that it could be difficult to remember each and every one of them & how to use them all. Just keep these simple tips in mind and you will surely have an easier time getting better.

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Here Are Some World of Warcraft Tips

It is crucial to have a World of Warcraft strategy that will best fit your style of gaming and preferences. There is no need for you to schedule or plan ahead each single gaming session but a smart action plan to level up and enhance your character can help you enjoy your game more. You can swiftly boost your gold stores, player versus player success abilities and perform well in raids by following some techniques for every game aspect.

Quick leveling tips

The first tactic you would probably wish to find out is all about leveling up. Having a character that is fully leveled will allow you to unlock game content and zones. It is crucial to experiencing each portion of the game. Once you start playing this game, leveling must be the job that you should do most.

One of the great tips that fast levelers often suggest is to ensure you work on the starter zones one at a time. These quests are aimed at helping gamers gain levels. They are also geared towards helping gamers have some resources at their disposal. If you skip some zones, you could eventually find yourself not capable of climbing a wall soon after. Additionally, you will not learn to the fullest your selected class.

Organized player versus player

Another aspect of World of Warcraft is player versus player. While most gamers must participate for the joy of playing it, it is undeniable how frustrating it can be to lose repeatedly. Moreover, you can gain helpful items for your character by means of player versus player successes.

If you wish to have a good gaming experience, you should have a strategy that will help your character win each battleground. Your best bet here is practice. This is especially true when you are planning to run with groups. Get yourself used to working and communicating with others as a team to utilize every class to its utmost benefit. Even a small number can beat large ones with proper organization. A well-managed group is something that will work not just in World of Warcraft but also in the real world.

Gold gathering tips

What can make your game much easier is having lots of gold readily available. Learn the best strategy that can work for you if you are yearning to increase your stores of gold. Begin by mulling over if you wish to gather a material or farm a creature. You may consider mastering professions too as many of these can be lucrative.

To access the best strategy guides for World of Warcraft, please visit http://superior-wow-guides.blogspot.com and to make a copy of your games please visit http://game-sure-copy.blogspot.com

World of Warcraft, A Must Try for New Gamers

If you are new to the gaming scene, the first game you might hear in case that you are looking for a massive multiplayer online role-playing game is World of Warcraft. Apparently, this game comes into mind first when a gamer thinks of one of the best and famous massive multiplayer online role-playing game. This game host a good gaming system that can definitely get any player addicted to it. In addition, players of the game are after the setting of the game that is nested neatly in the Warcraft universe. If you want to know a few reasons why you might want to play this game, read on.

One of the reasons why many gamers are playing World of Warcraft is because of how challenging it is when you play it alone and when you play with other players. You can play on your own in this game, but there will be times that there will some quests and enemies that you will need to gang up just to clear the quest or defeat the enemy. In addition, one class alone will have a lot of difficulty with certain aspects of the game. Again, ganging up with other classes to obtain tactical advantages is definitely necessary.

The best reason of them all why players enjoy this game is the game's player versus player system. There are specific realms or servers where they enforce PvP (player versus player) and some realms do not. In the realms that enforces player versus player, almost anywhere in the land is a player versus player field. To make it simple, you can be attacked anytime and anywhere in this realm in contrast to the non-PvP realms where there are only specific areas where you can attack or some actions are needed before two players can fight. Moreover, in some places in the game like the Battlegrounds, players can earn tokens and points in case that they defeat their opponent.

World of Warcraft is simply one the best massive multiplayer online role-playing games out there. The reasons stated above are just few of the reasons why new players like you must play this game. Those reasons are already proven true. Those reasons are proven by the massive amounts of players that are playing the game as of now. It is not to mention that those players are all around the globe. Therefore, in case that you are looking for a great game experience, choose this game for starters.

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World of Warcraft's New Expansion Set Introduces a New Continent

The World of Warcraft released the fourth expansion recently. The set introduces a new lost continent called Pandaria. It is a new place with lots of new things to offer including the new class Monk and the new race Pandaren that starts as a neutral race.

The Pandaria used to be unaffected by the chaos going on and the war that is closer than ever. It is occupied by the Pandaren. They celebrate life to the fullest.

Challenge modes

The Mists of Pandaria offers challenge modes where a group of players could go to a dungeon and kill the boss. In this mode, you don't only fight the boss but you fight the boss in a limited time. It will definitely give your group a challenge.

Expect more yelling and fingers being faster going across the keyboard.

Being successful, your group can earn rewards such as medal - bronze, silver or gold. Keep in mind that the reward as bigger when you finish the dungeon faster. It is important that the players communicate with each other and support one another.

Teamwork and communication is very important in this mode of World of Warcraft.

Note that the challenge mode requires you to fight using a specific set of items and your individual gears will be normalized. Thus, the abilities or tools that are available only on higher levels do not matter in this mode.

Pet battles

The Mists of Pandaria also allows you to have your pet fight another player's pet. The World of Warcraft players who have made it a habit of capturing as many pets as possible in the past will have a great time with the new pet battle system.

To succeed, it is important for you to train your pets. You can get help from the pet trainer NPCs for new tricks that your pets could learn. Take note that these trainers may also challenge you to see if you are worthy to have your pets trained.


Level 1 to 10 is set in the Wandering Isle meanders. The elders need help in figuring out why there is a sudden change on the weather. The Jade Forest and the Temple of the Jade Serpent are the setting for level 85 and 86. To survive, you will need to find natives that you could turn into allies. Other places to expect on the next levels are the Valley of the Four Winds, Krasarang Wilds, Kun Lai Summit, Townlong Steppes, and the Vale of Eternal Bossoms.

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Tips for World of Warcraft Players

The World of Warcraft is definitely a successful game. It is now on the fourth expansion. It definitely knows how to entertain and challenge players. Whether you are just starting out or on the high levels, take time to read these tips.


If you want to be successful in the World of Warcraft, you may need to do some reading. When you're lost, take time to read your quest journal. Hit the L on your keyboard to have a look at it. It should have the information you need in solving your quest. It helps a lot and reading it would save you from receiving insults through the chat channel.

City guards

If there are characters that could help you in this game, it is definitely the city guards. Ask them if you need help on directions. They would not only give directions. They will also give a small flag for your mini map.


The World of Warcraft players can learn only two professions. Aside from enchanting and tailoring, all trade skills have gathering and crafting. Select the suitable skill to avoid buying the raw materials.


Keep in mind that the quests are not restricted by race. You don't have to follow quest lines based on your race. You can take any quest as long as it is appropriate for your level.


How many pets do you have? Don't put your pets in aggressive. One of the things you would not want is to have a pet that attracts monsters.

Playing solo

There is no specific best character for playing solo but if you need recommendations, choose a warlock or the night elf hunter if you want to be in the Alliance. Warlocks can easily go solo especially when they have a pet that could serve as crowd control.

Playing in a group

If you love to play in a group, one of the best character choices is the human priest. Every group loves human priests so you can easily find and get in a group. Not many players love to be the priest so you will be in great demand. Plus, priests level faster than other characters.

Auto run

It is a basic knowledge but you'll be surprised to know how many players forget to use it. It helps if you need to do long runs and other tasks at the same time such as chatting with other players or checking the quest log.

To access the best strategy guides for World of Warcraft, please visit http://superior-wow-guides.blogspot.com and to make a copy of your games please visit http://game-sure-copy.blogspot.com