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Tips for World of Warcraft Players

The World of Warcraft is definitely a successful game. It is now on the fourth expansion. It definitely knows how to entertain and challenge players. Whether you are just starting out or on the high levels, take time to read these tips.


If you want to be successful in the World of Warcraft, you may need to do some reading. When you're lost, take time to read your quest journal. Hit the L on your keyboard to have a look at it. It should have the information you need in solving your quest. It helps a lot and reading it would save you from receiving insults through the chat channel.

City guards

If there are characters that could help you in this game, it is definitely the city guards. Ask them if you need help on directions. They would not only give directions. They will also give a small flag for your mini map.


The World of Warcraft players can learn only two professions. Aside from enchanting and tailoring, all trade skills have gathering and crafting. Select the suitable skill to avoid buying the raw materials.


Keep in mind that the quests are not restricted by race. You don't have to follow quest lines based on your race. You can take any quest as long as it is appropriate for your level.


How many pets do you have? Don't put your pets in aggressive. One of the things you would not want is to have a pet that attracts monsters.

Playing solo

There is no specific best character for playing solo but if you need recommendations, choose a warlock or the night elf hunter if you want to be in the Alliance. Warlocks can easily go solo especially when they have a pet that could serve as crowd control.

Playing in a group

If you love to play in a group, one of the best character choices is the human priest. Every group loves human priests so you can easily find and get in a group. Not many players love to be the priest so you will be in great demand. Plus, priests level faster than other characters.

Auto run

It is a basic knowledge but you'll be surprised to know how many players forget to use it. It helps if you need to do long runs and other tasks at the same time such as chatting with other players or checking the quest log.

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