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Explaining World of Warcraft Companion Professions

The idea behind companion skills in World of Warcraft is to utilize one skill or profession to set off another. Normally, this is a building profession and the subsequent gathering profession, which draws together the volume of materials for the building profession. It is absolutely not necessary to have both skills. Having them both, however, can greatly minimize your World of Warcraft character's dependence on the materials from the auction house, thus, it is recommended! Provided below is a list of optional companion skills, which by and large work together well.

Alchemy. The most excellent companion skill for Alchemy is Herbalism. Fishing is recommended too as it brings in a number of needed oils for Alchemy. Mining can be utilized at higher levels to supply materials for a few potions and transmutes.

Blacksmithing. Mining is the most suited companion skill for this production profession. Ore is usually high in demand and that is why it can be expensive to purchase at the auction house.

Cooking. Although this is a secondary profession and uses several dropped meats from game creatures, Fishing is its best companion skill. Cooking and fishing work well together even if they are both secondary skills.

Enchanting. This profession is often coupled with Tailoring. The reason for this the fact that there are no gathering skills required for Tailoring. Many green items too can be produced with Tailoring.

Engineering. Ore is in great demand when it comes Engineering, hence, Mining is the perfect companion profession. Engineering is ore demanding. It also uses gems too. Mining simply caters almost all of the materials required for Engineering.

Inscription. Herbalism is the most ideal companion skill for this profession. Normally, herbs are accumulated and made as pastes that you can later use as the foundation for inks for Inscription.

Jewelcrafting. Mining is a perfect companion skill for Jewelcrafting. This profession is stone and ore intensive. Like Engineering and Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting needs gems too.

Leatherworking. Skinning and Leatherworking are perfect companion skills. Skinning crafts all raw materials require for leatherworking. Moreover, you do not have to terminate the mobs by yourself to skin them.

Tailoring. Compared with other professions, this does not directly have associated companion profession since most raw materials can be gained by means of cloth farming from humanoids in World of Warcraft. However, there have been players who paired this profession with a collecting skill like Mining, Herbalism and Skinning. Tailors need the items provided by Skinning.

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