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Get Enhanced Gameplay With Galaga '88

Galaga '88 was released in 1987 for virtual console. It is a shooter game by Nameco/Atari Games. It now can be played in arcade style, on PC, game gear, and virtual console platforms. Collectors have made the vintage models very popular.


Gameplay follows pretty much the original game. It is more challenging, however. There are twenty-nine stages, spread over eight worlds. There are also dimensions of higher play.

There are challenging stages as well. Enemy formation changes according to the dimension the player is in. Enemies vary in looks and how they perform from the original version. They player chooses the number of battleships, either one or two, to start with.

• Starship capture

Capture of a spaceship by the enemy lets the player destroy that enemy ship, called Boss Galagas, releasing their ship and giving them two. If that happens again, with a released ship, the player ends up with a triple ship that can't be captured.

When the last enemy ship is captured, it releases a canister that can be collected and automatically upgrades the player's ship to a triple ship.

• Dimensions

Choosing to enter a higher dimension means extra bonuses and more difficult play. Choosing higher levels results in play at that level for the rest of the game. Also, at stage 10, the player will be advanced to Dimension Two if the player has not chosen to advance prior to that. There is no bonus rewarded in this case.

There are five dimensions to advance through, each with better bonuses and more challenging play.

• Worlds

There are eight worlds of play, with the twenty-nine stages being distributed between them. The players' starship, Galaga, travels between the stages and worlds.


This version was released to several different ports. These include the following:

• NEC PC Engine (Turbografx and Turbografx 16)
• Sega Game Gear
• Playstation2
• Xbox
• Nintendo Game Cube
• PC 's
• Wii Virtual Console
• Virtual Console
• iPhone Apps

The name was not always the same, and it was often offered as a package, but the game was the same. Release was from 1987 through 2010. Sometimes it was a free version, used to promote other, later versions.


Galaga '88 is part of the Galaxian series. The order and dates of the release of the sequels are as follows:

• Galaxian in 1979
• Galaga in 1981
• Gaplus in 1984
• Galaga '88
• Galaga Arrangement (part of Nameco Classics Collection)

From new, modernized versions to restored vintage, this game has been a favorite of many for decades. Online versions now mean that everyone can have access to this most fun adventure.

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