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How to Choose Your Class in the World of Warcraft

Everyone who has just started playing the massive multiplayer online roleplaying game World of Warcraft must decide which of the ten major classes they should choose. They say that the beginning is always the hardest, and this seems to be applicable in this context. Choosing a class in this game is a very important matter because once you have picked one, there is no going back. Yes, you may change your race, but you cannot change your class. To help you in selecting the right class for you, here are some guides on the different classes of this game.

In choosing your class, make sure that you consider which class you think you can enjoy playing. A class is a permanent thing here in World of Warcraft, so it is best that you will enjoy playing your online character because you will be stuck with that for the rest of your online gaming life. If possible, choose a class that matches your own personality. For example, if you do not like heading down for a fight or shooting down somebody, then perhaps being a priest is what is best for you. Consider what you enjoy doing so that you can make better choices in choosing your class.

Another thing to consider in choosing your class is your general game strategy. The way you play the game and the way you plan to tackle the quests and raids should be considered because certain class types can suit you better than the others. For example, if the general game strategy is to attack continuously and worry less about your defenses, then the DPS or Damage per Second Class is the best class for you. However, if you think that defense is the best form of attack, then the tank class can absorb more damage than the other classes, giving you the ability to hold down the enemy while your teammates deal the damage. Like in any other game, enjoying the quests and other fun stuffs in this MMORPG relies on your own skills and thinking.

Finally, in choosing your class for this game, you must take into consideration whether you have a previous gaming experience from this game or other similar games or none at all. For total newbies, there are certain classes that might be difficult for you to manage. For example, being a druid can be hard for total newbies because this class is hard to play in its lower levels. You might have a harder time in leveling up or gaining a new skill, or for this instance, a new animal form. The advisable classes for newbies are hunters, rogues and shamans.

Now that you know the basic guidelines in choosing a class, you have now a better chance in selecting the right one for you. Don't get too excited and rush this part of the game. Weigh your options and skills carefully. The World of Warcraft game can offer you hours and hours of fun, so it is advisable if you get a good start.

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